Join our Wee Forest Folk Frequent Buyer Club and save!

Buy 5 current line WFF get the 6th current line WFF at up to half off.

Sixth piece credit is determined from the highest priced current line WFF from the first five purchased and is equal to half the highest priced piece, but not more than half off the sixth piece.  

For example...

1.  M-180 April Showers $58
2.  M-496 Wee Pumpkin & Pie $124
3.  M-487 Conch Quest $72
4.  M-480a Kitty Cupboard $225
5.  M-321c Sweet Songbird $104

Kitty Cupboard is the most expensive of the five.  
You receive a 6th piece credit equal to half of the $225 or $112.50.

6th piece credit is $112.50 off any current line piece $225 or higher or half off any current line piece less than $225. 
5/6th program is for current line Wee Forest Folk only with an MSRP of $50 or higher.  Event pieces, retired pieces, retired limited editions, limited number editions, consigment pieces, some accessories, notecards, gift tags, wrapping paper, promotional gifts, and some other WFF items are or may be excluded from the program.